bel in the city

i’ve always been passionate about The Big Apple mostly because of the way Carrie Bradshaw made it sound: the dirt, the incessant honking, the yellow taxicabs, the biting cold, Greenwich Village, the beautiful night lights, how hope and excitement never quite dull amid the hustle and bustle of the grid. the three of us would often watch sex and the city re-runs on our beautiful flat screen TV in Ralph Court (it’s childishly painful to not have ANY beautiful homely luxuries around me!) and i would gush about new york and the shoes and “WHAT? do people really do that?!” like a village idiot. this must be how the ancient gaul thought of ancient rome: the greatest city in the world.

as much as i love southern california, my fiendish californian friends and In ‘n’ Out, i think i may have left my heart in new york.

but i suspect i’ve left it in london and KL more.

  1. lilo said:

    wow ur so lucky ,i’ve never been to new york! well it seems ,from the posts below that u had great fun there! if ur still in ny , i hope u have the best time ever xx

  2. How nice is NYC! But I it is hard to leave without L.A.

    B* a la Moda

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