Salvador Mollys

Was watching ‘Man Vs Food’ over an unconsciously vegan dinner of tofu dogs, brown rice and salad. 5 minutes into the show, not only did I sit there feeling sorry for my sorry plate of food, I also entertained the thought of driving a mere 20 hours up to Oregon to eat the insane plate of fritters Mr Richman was challenged to eat. Not goreng pisang or udang fritters – habanero fritters! He ate 5 habanero fritters with habanero salsa – tears and all included – at this place called Salvador Mollys in Portland, Oregon.

Now, I’m thinking any true Malaysian could take this on. No problemo.

Oh how I crave some sort of mamak cuisine at this hour. Sigh.

If you’re wondering, the midnight roti canai equivalent over here is a bulging burrito complete with rice, pinto beans, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Awesome – but not quite awesome enough.

    • * that is because my stomach would just curl up and probably explode from all the spiciness, not because it can’t appreciate massive amounts of yummy foodz

      • Annabel said:

        oh catt

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