Food for thought

even though I am not overly fond of cafeteria and generic college foods such as microwave meals, pizzas and hamburgers, why is it that I am not a waif? I should really be in my prime shape at 21 years old. yet, I am not. I suspect it is because I get roped into/strongly encourage dinners that include BBQ ribs as shown below. say hi to Phils BBQ if ever you’re in San Diego, people.

and i am also pretty much the biggest hypocrite i know; trust me to think about such a thing after having consumed half a pack of rice puffs and dusted an overload of rice puff crumbs off pyjamas. mm. maybe I enjoy putting things into my mouth. hah. night all.

  1. Liya said:

    mmm i love me some rice puffs!! and its hard to stay away from that kind of meal eh?

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