hello kitteh

whenever i see hello kitty on a shirt/cup/miscellaneous plastic object e.g. toothbrush holder,  i always imagine what she’d say (given the thing hasn’t got a mouth and stuff)

“good evening, kind sir”

image from http://metropark.com

  1. Catherine said:

    LOL. I have to admit I usually only have thoughts about how cute or not cute the item is.

  2. sindy w. said:

    ooooh thanks for the nail polish suggestion. it does look similar… and probably 100x cheaper.

    are you from ucsd? me toooo. or i was. transferred, then just finished last quarter :D. never got to live in dorms, but i’d probably feel super lonely during holidays and stuff too..

  3. Liya said:

    haha never thought of that! and as soon as i built up the courage to buy the ysl arty ring it was sold out…took that as a sign that it was just too expensive :). but one of these days i`m just gonna get a ysl ring. damn you, tiny paycheque!


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