home alone, ucsd chapter

i love how the united states has as many long weekends has malaysia but when everyone buggers off home and leaves you to rot in your dorm, it’s kinda depressing. actually, not really. i can run around the house in whatever article of clothing – or not – i want. i hit up the North Torrey Pines beach for half an hour before returning to my Internet-ing forays.

i guess the most interesting thing i found was seaweed that resembled chow mein/spaghetti (depending on where you’re from)

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  1. lynnette said:

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!! :DDD omggg new blog!! haha this is so fun… am updating your link asap.

    I like the new look! It’s clean and refreshing. How’ve you been!! haha i’m supposed to be studying now but couldn’t help steal a quick glance at your new page… will read more in depth later and leave annoying comments on many posts…

    Eww that seaweed REALLY looks a lot like chow mian!! yuck yuck yuck >< just brings to mind someone who might've regurgitated it out…

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