empty stomach

can i just say:

never ever go shopping on an empty stomach. you usually end up with things like chicken stock, cous cous, wholewheat spaghetti, ziplock bags, children’s scissors. you know, stuff you won’t actually eat because they require cooking. lately i’ve discovered that i am drawn to foods that read in big bold white letters ‘READY IN 1 MINUTE’. not 3, not 2 but 1 minute. oh, college.

but, er, i am running low on meal points. unless there’s a way to earn them, i suspect i might have to cook for the first time in 4 months again. i don’t know how i did it when i was all grown up in London! making curry, stir fries and whatnot.

on a random note, i have grand plans to go back to Disneyland when it is not raining. as if waiting in line for an hour for a 3 minute ride isn’t bad enough on its own. I WILL RIDE THOSE DAMN TEACUPS!


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