golden globes love

i like red carpet photos.

Not a fan of Sherlock Holmes – book or movie version – but am certainly a RDJ fangirl; he is too good to be true. especially with funky facial hair.

and also celebrities who tweet from shows. this is definitely 2010.

@ActuallyNPH: Sitting directly in front of this guy. Worried that he might try to fight me. What should I do?!?! (via Twitpic)

  1. dannie said:

    haha thats funny that celebs are now tweeting from awards shows, 2010 indeed. N aahh, I love Robery Downey Jr., ever since IronMan it’s been LOVE

  2. Hahah fun pics! I never saw Sherlock Holmes, but I agree, RDJ is a great, great actor.

  3. lynnette said:

    HAHA wait a minute is that Barney from How I Met Your Mother?

    ooo how come you order in Korean!! Can you speak Korean?? šŸ˜€

    And whyyy no trousers!! haha i’m trying to plan long term for when I’m like older…oldish.. can’t wear skinnies till I’m 50 can I?? šŸ˜› Heh what about you… what sort of stuff do you wear normally!

  4. Lacy said:

    I luv RDJ! and your log is exquisite i luv it šŸ™‚

  5. denise said:

    hahahahaha nph is the best.

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