miau miau, $30 a week and what i do after school



i think i need this t-shirt in my life

2) i’ve been surfing food blogs instead of fashion blogs lately because i realize i am sick and tired of cafeteria food and again am in dire need of inspiration for new and cheap recipe ideas. i found a blog run by a couple who live in NYC who only spend $30 a week on groceries and make awesome food, find them at thirty a week. one thing i do wonder, though, is the amount that they eat because i for one like to eat and eat a lot.

3) so lynette asked me what i do after school. truth be told, since this is my final year of college, i pretty much spend all my free time working on either a) homework or b) project work i.e. lab work. what little free time i have left, i end up surfing the news, etsy, ebay, bidding on ebay, losing auctions on ebay, food blogs, fashion blogs and spamming people’s walls on Facebook with random snippets I find on Tumblr. my social life revolves around trips to the local grocer’s in the middle of the night for a chai latte, streaming films and Skyping to maintain a healthy long distance relationship with someone who is across the continent. i also spend a lot of time bearing the brunt of verbal attacks from my housemates who claim i am so antisocial. i obviously beg to differ. it’s not like i’m on the computer 24/7. really.

other than that, i think the most exciting thing going on right now is my shoe collection which is collecting dust because as much as i’d like to, i can’t bring myself to wear 6 inch booties or heels to class everyday.

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  1. denise said:

    ajajahaha that tee is so cute, but i can’t justify paying that much for a tshirt ):

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