Some fruitarians will eat only what falls (or would fall) naturally from a plant; that is: foods that can be harvested without killing the plant. These foods consist primarily of culinary fruits, nuts, and seeds. According to author Adam Gollner, some fruitarians eat only fallen fruit. Some do not eat grains, believing it is unnatural to do so, and some fruitarians feel that it is improper for humans to eat seeds as they contain future plants, or nuts and seeds, or any foods besides juicy fruits. Others believe they should eat only plants that spread seeds when the plant is eaten. Others eat seeds and some cooked foods. Some fruitarians use the botanical definitions of fruits and consume pulses, such as many beans and peas or legumes, or pulses and legumes. Still further definitions include raw fruits, dried fruits, nuts, honey and olive oil, or fruits, nuts, beans and chocolate. (via Wikipedia)

The first time I heard of fruitarianism was in the movie Notting Hill (ooh how I love this movie. I miss Portobello Road now. Sob) when Hugh Grant’s sister comes to visit and she can’t eat anything because she’d only eat anything that falls off a free. I know of no such morals. Whatever. I’m just doing it for a day because I feel a bit of a slob after having consumed the remains of my carne asada fries as shown in the last post. I endorse dietary extremisms wholeheartedly.

  1. Marisol said:

    Obviously you don’t love this movie enough. It was NOT Hugh Grant’s sister who was a frutarian but one of the blind dates he had after Anna left him broken-hearted. FAIL.

    • Annabel said:

      i hate it when people IRL comment on my internet personality. i should go under some sort of pseudonym.

  2. Aimi said:

    You know I’ve stopped reading because you keep posting food and it makes me feel huge just watching you eat it!

    Fruit is amazing. I’m proper addicted to cranberries and blueberries.

    And pineapple.

  3. kirsty said:

    i wish i was at portabello road now! boo hoo xxxxxx

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