i miss my coffer (shown in this picture in the exact colour etc). it’s sitting at home. being kind of sad.

i just had a happy meal. i always have happy meals. and you’re right: i do miss my childhood and also yes i order kids’ portions because i count calories.


so i had a conversation with the people at shopbop this morning about returning a non-returnable pair of Genetic Denim slouchy cigarette jeans and buying the exact same pair but in a smaller size. they obliged and i was like, gee these people are nice.

so, anyway, i think i’ll go spend my saturday night with Lord of the Rings instead of partaking in activities that involve fervid  consumption of various alcoholic beverages.

  1. denise said:

    woo love the coffer. i havent used my miu miu bag in ages cos i used it so much that the leather straps are all stretched out and i dont wanna break them ):

  2. Happy Meals are the perfect amount of food sometimes. Plus they’re called “Happy Meals.” You can’t beat that.

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