an early valentine’s

i look forward to going to Boston next weekend after what will be a torturous week of midterms ahead. not only is it Chinese New Year (something which i haven’t been home for for the past 4 years and counting now..), it also marks my first Valentine’s with, well, someone. i realize that it is an overhyped consumer-driven holiday, but, um, i like chocolate and an excuse to go out for an expensive dinner? as for flowers – i’m not a fan of flowers.

i’ve never received flowers in my life. sometimes the inner child in me grieves that i never received flowers from boys back in high school when i would watch the popular girls receive an obscene number of roses each and solemnly think, “oh bugger”. i would then go about my day, countering the somewhat misogynistic gesture of giving girls flowers by saying “flowers die anyway – unless they’re fake. and fake flowers don’t count”. and then i would maybe go home and write a nu-age emo poem about it, with my emo hair framing my face and black painted fingernails typing furiously at a dusty old keyboard.


then i realized: bling is definitely worth waiting for.

and i hear there’s more…?

  1. WOW! How pretty. It is very unique. I have receive many flowers. I love them and my husband is a romantic. 🙂

    B a la Moda

  2. denise said:

    awwwwk lucky! that ring is gorgeousssss and so fun that it wraps around your finger like that. My bf used to get me flowers randomly during the year and I loved them of course but then when they’d died I’d feel really sad ): so yah…dont get flowers hahaha. Valentine’s Day this year is first day of CNY so we won’t be doing anything special, instead i am majorly looking forward to CNY dinner 😀 😀 😀 😀 this is also my first year back for CNY in like 5 years!!!!!

    • Annabel said:

      dood i want char siew pao hahaha.

  3. Aimi said:

    I don’t *love* flowers, but I like the gesture, they make me smile. I only get them on valentine’s day. And funnily enough that’s the only thing I do do on valentine’s day, I’ve only ever been out properly once, and that with some random dude that asked me on the day when I was single a couple of years ago lol. I am doing something this year with the bf for the first time, should be fun 🙂

    I hope you have something MAGICAL planned :p

    oh, btw, do MNight flowers not count? :p

    • Annabel said:

      haha Mnight flowers weren’t given on Valentine’s la. but dont think i didnt remember that 😉

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