o my oreo

“it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream EXCEPT IT’S NOT COLD!!”

my new favourite cookie yessireeeeee

  1. i would like to say thanks for stopping by my blog and i wouldn’t mind doing a link exchange.

  2. I love ANYTHING chocolate and mint! I wish Malaysia has that 😦

    • Annabel said:

      don’t they?! i swear they have/had the malaysian version! if not malaysian then australian in Cold Storage or something, haha! malaysia has everything now. i tried it once, i remember, but this version tastes way way more awesome. oreos are the bane of my existence now 😦

      • Just like Malaysia has local Tim Tams but it tastes like crap? -_-”

        I think it’s the cocoa/chocolate that we use here T_T

      • Annabel said:

        i think the cocoa: sugar ratio is all wrong!! there is waaay more sugar in malaysian candy, don’t you think??

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