free edamame

so i purchased some Sunday morning groceries (yogurt, edamame and instant noodles – stuff of champions, really) today after the gym:

cashier boy: i love edamame!

me: man, why is edamame so expensive here?!

cashier boy: i know, right…

…that’ll be $3.35

me: oh?

cashier boy: have a good day!

thanks mr awesome cashier boy who looked like he had a pressing midterm coming too for making my day a little better!

  1. It’s people like him that we all live for every day in the midst of chaos. Well, I think LOL

  2. I need to meet up with more people like this – they make life better!! 🙂

  3. Aww, I love it when cashiers engage in a bit of friendly conversation. Makes such a lovely difference from all those moody spotty cashiers who just glare at you taking too much time rummaging in your purse!

    – Anna Jane xxx

  4. Jas said:

    Awww that is awesome! I love edamame too! Hahahahha and “I know, right!” You never get that here….

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