of food and men

i eat too fast. seriously. such a bloody bad habit. i eat pasta like a madman because i am a carbohydrate fiend. BUT. but in my defence – i need to train properly for the Orochon Ramen guzzle-your-ramen-in-30-minutes-thing the way Adam Richman did it. adam says that only some 200+ out of 20,000 people have completed this challenge successfully. i will prove to you that not only large white men can eat a ridiculous amount of spicy food in one sitting. i suppose with the appropriate amount of stretching the stomach walls and bullet proofing your stomach lining, it can be done. hellz yes stomach of steeeel!

if i’m going to eat the whole bowl of ramen at a level 6, it won’t JUST be the heat that i have to fight – it’ll have to be the giant sized mutha thing. LOOK AT IT.

it actually looks like laksa now that i think about it. oh, laksa.

if you must know, i have a hankering for all things uber spicy: i pour hot sauce/chili sauce on everything i eat (except this pink valentine’s day cupcake i’m stuffing my face with as a study aid) and i kind of sort of threw a temper tantrum at the McDonald’s dude when i discovered the closest thing they had was salsa. he got afraid and subsequently threw 4 packs of salsa at me as though i were a ravenous rat.

to think a year ago i was running 10k at least 3 times a week. hah.

  1. Jessie said:

    oh man that loos soooo good!

  2. Deasy said:

    Wow, I actually watched my first Man vs. Food episode a couple of days ago, and O__O he eats a lot! Those noodles look really good though :D~

    • Annabel said:

      he does eat a lot. lol, but he’s inspiring 🙂

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