polka face & rei kawakubo

i like polka dots, but i think rei kawakubo likes them more. Viz,

kind of regret not buying into the CdG x H&M trend couple years ago. I think I was more into leopard print then. i still very much am. i nearly bought the Keds x OC furry leopard sneakers but stopped myself short upon convincing myself that furry shoes might look ugly when wet. and i didn’t have $125 for spare change, nosirree.

not that i’ve changed my spots (um…), mind you – it just could be time to move on.

maybe it’s time to build up a small army of polka dotted items, so instead of being “wild” or “rawr”, i’d just be “dotty”. there is a lone vintage polka dotted blazer sitting in my wardrobe and i think it needs friends!

the wallets are cute, no?

  1. denise said:

    i dunno why but ive started falling for polkies lately too. need a polka dot dress in my life right now.

    • Annabel said:

      i reckon they’ll be back in fashion soon. i don’t even know what’s fashionable now. besides nudes. which i dont really like.

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