harem girls

i realize i may not have 7 foot long legs to accommodate hareem pants, but i have a pair in leopard print which i think are amazing. $20 from urban outfitters. i also have a pair of acid wash hareem jeans. LOL. just saying it makes me laugh – it’s kind of like 3 trends mashed into one in a really bizarre way, but whatever – i loves it.

then ashley olsen goes and wears the momma of all hareem/balloon pants:


  1. jessie said:

    if an olsen can rock it (what are they?–5′?) you can too ♥

  2. lynnette said:

    haha man i love the olsen twins… i really just love seeing them carry off outfit after totally different outfit… though sometimes it’s a little insane even for me ;p

    i def wanna see those leopard harems!! 😀

  3. lynnette said:

    oh yeah, haha aiya i just got really lucky this year in terms of ang bao money! 😛 but i got one that was mid range la not the insane 1000 ++ dollars sort… and i ended up selling off my kit lens and other cheaper prime so… maybe let’s see if i can survive on just one prime lens for now!

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