crackly pradas

i wore this out on a night in Vegas during my Christmas break. i apologise about the, um, insincere vibes of this photo; i couldn’t really find a decent picture with me looking up at the camera because the camera hates me.

i was so delighted to find the rose dress from Urban Outfitters after discovering that it’d been sold out online and everywhere else EXCEPT in the UO store in Cambridge. i thought that that was a pretty tell-tale sign about the state of the city, heh. i was even more delighted when I discovered it was only $9.99. i wish i were lying, my dear friend.

i found these Pradas at the Barney’s designer shoe sale in NY – also over the Christmas break. it was a gift from R who insisted that i have it after i hemmed and hawed about the shoes for about 2 hours. it was between these or the Miu Miu boots as seen on Jane Aldridge here. they were so beautiful in real life, but i have far too many black studded boots in my shared closet. at least the Pradas were brown studded slingbacks? oh, i love Barney’s for satiating my shoe whore needs.

i also want an Anna Wintour type bob now that my hair has officially reached an irritating length and i’m *this* close to chopping it all off. i wonder if i’d look chic or just plain fugly. back to more hemming and hawing.

  1. taylor said:

    I love those shoes!! Totally cute!

  2. denise said:

    wahhhh lucky!!! I tried those Prada’s on and the arch is insane! I really need to practise ): loving your floral dress too.

    • Annabel said:

      these shoes are particularly bad lol but whatever – no pain no gain!

    • Annabel said:

      hehe ya i am πŸ˜› thank youu

  3. sof said:


  4. aww you look gorgeous!! πŸ˜€ seriously. haha i never thought you were a florals person!! me loves florals….

    i love how it was only 9.99!!! AHHH. i wanna go to UO stores everywhere around the world… sigh… πŸ™‚ haha can i ask you to help me order UO stuff next time!!

    wow those shoes are absolutely beautiful… but soo high! are they comfy?

    are the sample sale prices in NY really good? Heh i’m trying to convince my mum to take us (hee hee not for me, but for her!) on a holiday to hopefully NY this summer!! I’ve always heard of sample sales but i’ve never been to one before… what’s it like!! πŸ˜› and is it really really cheap??

    • Annabel said:

      aw thanks dearie. haha ya ya sure just PM/email me if you want anything πŸ™‚ i’ll do my best!

      i like florals but it really has to depend on my mood. most days i prefer skulls etc lol.

      i dont know..that wasn’t a sample sale. i guess it was just an end of season sale. everything was 60% off discounted prices so the shoes were like $300 from $750! and if you look on bluefly now they’re selling it for $600+ :-S omg go to NY this summer maybe i’ll see you there. im definitely going back there. i so so so want to get a job there and work, at least for one year of my life. as much as i love california NY just isn’t the same y’know?? πŸ˜›

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