i realize that this might seem like a fairly lazy person’s timetable but, in my defence, i say:

a) i really hate how i’ve picked 8AM classes EVERY SINGLE QUARTER. i’m not sure why i insist on doing this to myself. i must have a sadistic streak.

b) there are 2 grad classes in there. sadistic streak again.

c) i have my final year research to be getting on with that involves computational modelling and many joyous P1 rat dissections. if that doesn’t take up time, i don’t really know what else does.

and ohmygoodgod – one more quarter ’til i’m done with my illustrious academic career. that’s 3 and a half months. commence freaking out.

but on the bright side, i get to go to miami for spring break! it’ll just be like Malaysia weather-wise but with more naked people walking around.


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