up up up

i think this is my favourite moment ever in the history of cinema – not counting the moment when Frodo threw the ring into Mount Doom.

one day i will write something as emotionally complex and shockingly beautiful as these 4 minutes. i say this because the Oscars is on, and without fail, every year, watching the Oscars always reminds me of my thirteen-year-old aspirations. i suspect i, like many other girl children, have gotten lost along the way in search of my dreams. i knew i went to college majoring in something that was difficult and something that went against nearly every fibre of my being. yet here i am 4 years later 3 months away from graduation and it’s kind of ridiculous how much of my thirteen-year-old self has surfaced again this year. but, i guess the only way out now is up.

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  1. Krislyn said:

    I absolutely adore that movie! I cried buckets of tears.

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