so today i delivered a presentation for Neurodynamics and i kind of choked on the biochem part of it (what’s new) but continued smoothly thereafter, bs-ing my way through each and every graph i generated. then i got asked a lot of questions after, most of which i answered promptly because people were curious about my research. and then a guy comes up to me and says,

“nice work!! are you in your last year of your PhD?”

“no i’m still an undergraduate”


“do i look that old?”

he then went on to defend himself by saying it was a compliment, which i took graciously. still. i thought the age thing was funny; i’d forgotten i had so many old folks for friends and i am actually young compared to them.

having said all that, said guy is a very nice guy who is trying to decide between doing a MD/PhD or just a PhD, and his justification for wanting to do an MD/PhD was that it’s easier to get more grants in future.

my grandpa always says that PhD stands for Permanent Head Damage. sometimes, i agree with him.


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