who says that?

my life revolves around food, shoes, homework and drawing the thick line between American-isms and Rest of the World-isms. i shall enjoy this while it lasts. think: joining the unemployed ranks of  the disgruntled hoi polloi in a few months.

re: American-isms – “who says that?” has become a VFAQ (Very Frequently Asked Question) in my life.

me: i’m going to join the queue

friend: what?

me: the LINE.

friend: who says that?

me: this could be an advertisement for Rockstar energy drinks

friend: what did you just say?

me: advertisement (pronounced: ad-ver-tees-ment)

friend: ad-ver-tyse-ment?

me: NO!!

friend: i can’t do that.

me: you can or you can-not?

friend: CAN’T.

me: what?

friend: cannot. can’t you hear it?

me: FFS.

  1. emilia. said:

    Haha. My friends and I do that a lot. “What did ya just say..?” is used a lot. 🙂
    Nice blog.

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