ghost peppers

I went to The East Coast Grill in Cambridge, MA last night. Have developed an obsession with naga jolokia a.k.a ghost peppers a.k.a the world’s hottest chilli. I had ghost pepper glazed chicken wings and honestly there are parts in my body that I never knew existed that are actually starting to hurt. To attest to that statement, I pretty much eat chilli on an everyday basis, usually in the form of Sriracha hot sauce because I am deprived of cili padi (Bird’s eye chilli) in this country.

Apparently ghost peppers are easy to grow, so much so that I am contemplating growing a pot of it in my dorm room.

And, because the ghost pepper is so insanely spicy (it is 400x more spicy than Tabasco) it has also been turned into an anti-terrorism weapon to draw terrorists out of their caves. I’d much rather turn this into a weapon for angry ex-girlfriends wanting to terrorize their ex-boyfriends. “Liar, liar, pants on fire” would certainly take on a new meaning.

I also managed to create my own Hell Pasta just now. Pictures soon. Fuck I just scratched my nose and it’s starting to hurt. Sob.

Also, Miami pics soon. I haven’t got a cable here with me.

Miami reminds me of home, only with way more naked drunk people yelling on the streets.

  1. hoooomgg ghost peppers??? they sound so WICKED. i would really love to try them one day XD

  2. yay to ghost peppers being used as weapons for ex-girlfriends to terrorise jerk ex-boyfriends!

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