house of mouse

finally went to DISNEYLAND on a beautiful day last weekend because going on a rainy day (my first time) didn’t count. oh it was fun and magical and wonderful. ride after ride after ride after ride from 1PM ’til midnight! i never did all this as a child because i think i was studying instead. having said that, i heartz Space Mountain for all eternity and totally hate the bleeding swinging ferris wheel at California Adventure. also, we were blessed with the total Californian experience because there was the earthquake in Baja California that we felt while waiting in line for California Screamin’. whoa, right.

i had the Tiki Tiki song stuck in my head for a while as i devoured my pineapple whip. so. goood.

but having “it’s a small world after all” stuck in your head … not so pleasant.

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  1. Hehehe, looks awesome! I haven’t ever been to this Disney, gotta go before I move away I think. And Sea World too. Have you been to Sea World yet? Everyone I know already has, except me LOL!

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