KFC double down..double UP!

picture: this is why you’re fat

Two pieces of bacon and two slices of cheese smothered with the Colonel’s Sauce with two fried chicken patties as buns.

From a taste standpoint, the main complaints that people are having about the sandwich seem to be: 1) can’t taste the “fillings” on the fried version, as the chicken overwhelms the rest of it 2) it’s salty (no surprise as it’s quite high in sodium, 3) it sits heavy in the gut. On the other hand, many admit to liking it. (lowcarbdiets.about.com)

Touted as a low carb alternative with *ONLY* 540 calories (compared to 560 for a Big Mac or 700 for a milkshake) WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? Granted, the sodium levels will give your immediate kidney stones but I’m starting my Atkins KFC Diet now.

  1. Aimi said:

    EEEE… whyyy?? I mean I’m a bit addicted to salt, I imagine it doesn’t taste bad. But in no way does it scream out healthier to me.

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