a pointless KFC snippet

i spontaneously went to the Taco Bell/KFC drive thru in Miramar on Saturday night with a few friends. needless to say, i was very excited about gobbling down a Double Down sandwich in spite of the fact that i was holding a bag of Chipotle takeaway in my hands (i didn’t know we were going to KFC). i spiritedly rolled down the window and yelled “CAN I PLEASE HAVE A DOUBLE DOWN COMBO MEAL?” to the little black box by the curb. i yelled this twice because those boxes really don’t like me. at all.

and then, as though the Food Gods were speaking to me via said little black box on the curb, a voice went “Sorry, we’re out of fillets”.

Gutted and resigned to a night of a baja bowl dinner (which was actually very good), I sat back and watched everyone else order tacos.

This is not the end.


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