knuckle joolry

i have an unending infinite amount of love for rings, i do. which is bloody unfortunate because i do lab work almost every other day every week and i can’t. wear. it. while. cutting. up. rats. FML.


i was very excited to receive my low luv x erin wasson boulder ring today. i like it because i can wear it everyday without having people grab my hand and go “WHOA WHAT IS THAT”. in short, it is an understated chunky ring.


the pink apple is by marc by marc jacobs and was kindly gifted to me by the only person who would, as is my absolute most favourite knuckle shield ring that i stumbled upon in a shady silver shop in morocco. who knew moroccans were on par with elizabeth and james?

i have more knuckle adornments coming in the mail. wheeee.

  1. denise said:

    rings are my faveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that knuckle ring is cooooooool. i just got a new ring today toooooo

  2. AWESOME. 😀 Don’t you love it when you get stuff at a random store that’s pretty much exactly the same design/look as one in a high end store for like 1/10th the price?

    ahhh poor you! cutting up rats?! :(( haha i can’t wear rings or paint my nails either sigh cos i think senior doctors would slaaaaaaaapp me for being… frivolous???

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