nascent thoughts on graduation outfits

even though Imperial College – in England – students only graduate in October, i’ve started thinking of what to wear because most of my American friends are graduating in a month’s time. They’re getting their announcements, picking out outfits, getting emotional about leaving college, etc (i’m like, well there’s always grad school).

i figured the shoes are the most important since nobody sees what you’re wearing underneath, anyway. i’ve tentatively decided on my Topshop x Ashish leopard wedges (Royal Albert Hall what?) so i won’t have awkward conversations with anyone about my grim future since they’ll be too distracted by my shoes.

and maybe i’ll throw this souvenir in just for shits and giggles. i don’t want my $20 to go to waste.

  1. Aimi said:

    SO weird i was just thinking of what to wear for graduation today as well. crazy shoes or not i won’t ask u about the future if you dont :p

  2. YESS go for it!! One last act of rebellion against the old fogies before it’s too late and you’re cast out into the world of conformity in workplaces… Those wedges are so perfect for statement making. 😛

    ooo coool you got a two toned pair of shoes from Vans?? awesome. weeell the UO ones are comfy but of a pretty flimsy material so my feet which are pretty flat footed get a little tired out after a day of walking cos of a lack of support i think… but they’re a lot more comfy that other pairs of shoes that i’ve had before… heh cool i wanna see your Vans! 🙂

    Greetings from Seattle!!

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