robert downey jr

if there were two men in my life and I had to pull a Sophie’s Choice and one of them was Robert Downey Jr…..i’d pick Robert Downey Jr. Sorry, b – i am a shallow girl.

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(can you tell i just watched Iron Man 2? it was great Friday night entertainment, but without RDJ, the movie would have sucked. a) the Russians and North Koreans and Iranians all hate the United States, we know that. i love Marvel comics, but really…find someone else to pick on. b) married life is not treating Scarlett Johannson well; she used to give me awkward boners before c) honestly, who builds particle accelerators and synthesizes a new chemical in a day? hollywood or not, stop giving fledgling scientists glimmers of hope.)

  1. Stevie said:

    He really is super hot! And his witty personality makes him ever hotter. 🙂

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