Monthly Archives: June 2010

the way i see it, i think i’m going to have to spend my post-MCAT days curled up in the corner in the middle of the night re-reading Harry Potter (maybe 1-4….they were my childhood favourites. book 5-6 was absolute crap. 7 was fine) and Lord of The Rings (SAMWISE GAMGEE) and Gone with the Wind and finally finally finish War and Peace and all my tragic Russian novels.

i really enjoy long novels.

p.s. i used to write fan fiction that was way longer than my thesis in progress.



i’ve recently started listening to A LOT of Ozzy Osbourne, specifically this one because the lyrics speak to me and all that shit in an ironic kind of way.

i mostly wonder why he’s alive after all the, um, stuff that he’s ingested over the past thirty years, and conclude that if he can make it, i think i can too.

the human spirit is a wonderful thing.

i want his sunglasses, available here. i think i might be able to pull them off. i don’t know. eff my baby cheeks.

hey, i want French toast stuffed with mascarpone cheese and blackberry caramel.

because there is now a TV in my room and i don’t have to tramp to class anymore, i am permanently watching the Food Network. Chopped is probably my favourite show.

they throw the weirdest ingredients in their mystery baskets: umame, octopus, yucca, watermelon, tortillas. one time, they were given peaches, eel and peas in their baskets. one guy made a peaches and cream soup with eel because he ran out of ideas. i seriously thought he was going home right there and then when i saw him present a white chilled soup in a little gourmet bowl. oddly enough, he made it through the final two.

so naturally this evening i decided to do a mini Chopped of my own. i threw in peaches and mushrooms to start. i thought the sweetness of the peaches would soak into the mushrooms, but it turned out the peaches were kinda sour (oh Costco..). so i added honey. turns out the honey isn’t sweet enough. so i added sugar. turns out mushrooms don’t taste so good with sugar. then i added a pinch of sea salt. the end product was a simple looking fry up of mushrooms and peaches, essentially. i topped it on a bed of spinach and romaine lettuce with an avocado garnish. it was okay, but i don’t think i’ll be mixing mushrooms and fruit anymore until i get better at this. i ended up enjoying it with a side of leftover Phil’s BBQ. living on your own totally allows room for creativity.

i don’t think i’m that far off from that chef who made the peaches and cream soup with eel. harrr.

until next time, then.