Monthly Archives: July 2010

woke up, went to eat wantan mee with extra servings of sui kau, became grandmother’s grocery holder at the wet market, got my slippers all dirty and wet in the usual foul smelling water, bought rambutan and mango and ate 2 pieces of ham chim peng – all before lunch.

it’s as if i never left.


i can’t believe i’m leaving. i hate amalgamations of emotions. i’m much better at handling one at a time. extreme anger, i can handle. extreme sadness, yes.

both excitement and sadness rolled into one? not so much. mm, such a man, such a man.

– 15′ Macbook Pro. Everywhere I go, this thing follows

– orange 16GB iPod nano with white Sony earphones

– $30 candy bar Nokia to replace wet iPhone

– chocolate chip cookie coin purse I found in an AIDS charity shop

– purple pen

– student ID. only valid for 3 more days.

– house keys with bike key for bike that has gone missing

– Comme des Garçons short wallet

– Marc Jacobs aviators

The life of an engineer hardly permits me to carry my Coffer around on a daily basis, so I resorted to getting my equally awesome but much more practical much talked about Kanken. I used to lug huge purses around in my first few years of college, but found it was way too cumbersome and horrible for my right shoulder. Besides. The 90’s are back.

I tried to dye my hair purple today, but it’s still brown. #fail