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i came across some reading material that harkened back to a time when i was much less frivolous and spent more time with my head buried in between pages of thousand page novels (if that qualifies as non-frivolous, i guess). i thought, “oh good grief, what has become of me?” i was briefly still, quiet and thoughtful, before i received a brief call from my sister asking me to pick her up. my thoughts briefly disappeared, and now they are back again.

brevity, it seems, is the new in thing. my twitter account will tell you so.


here’s an outfit shot i took while i was in SF. excuse the strange phace.

cardi: Topshop; top: UCSD rummage sale; skirt: vintage Comme des Garcons; boots: LF stores; tote: H&M

although i have posted a variation of this picture before, i didn’t really tell the story of how i’m kind of proud of how i acquired this skirt. i went through a lot of emails to get it from a very nice lady from eBay; i felt so excited when i got it in the mail. the original price of it was $895, but i got it for way, wayyyyy less in the double digits because i think it’s, like, third hand but it’s authentic. also, the tote was an impulse buy that very day because my $10 eBay backpack tore at the seams. nevereverbuyingcheapbackpacksagain

denise tagged me to do a little survey from sportsgirl. how i love getting tagged. haha.

How would you describe style in your city?
I live in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so it really depends where you go. Certain areas (like where I live) equate the concept of dressing up to putting on a pair of pants. or shorts. The more urban areas, however, are pretty on trend: flowery short dresses, pretty sandals, skirts. It’s almost beach-y, if you ask me. Not very many people wear 5 inch heels around town (except at night, of course).

Describe your personal style
Easy bordering lazy, pseudo-hipster, slightly Hot Topic gothic (the teenage angst never went away). I also like black wedges. Too much.
Post a picture that sums up the place you live to you

If KL were a song, what would it be?
I imagine something like a cross between Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ and the deep dark undertones of Metallica’s ‘Sad but True’
The best thing about living where I live is…
Refer to previous picture.

What 3 pieces would all KL girls have in their closet?
– Shorts
– Flip flops
– a favourite t-shirt they will always wear

What is your favourite piece from the latest collections at Sportsgirl ?
the cross my heart shorts!! so cute with a large oversized top.

Tag three of your fave bloggers & send them the tag and questions.
Lynnette, Zara and Shini :))

image: Google Images

the chambered nautilus is part of the cephalopoda class, i.e. a kind of octopus/squid. it has about 90 tentacles with no suckers, and a tube running down the center designed to release gas that has the same density as sea water, so that it may remain afloat and exert the bare minimum of energy to swim. this feature has not evolved for the past 500 million years.

why evolve when you’re already awesome?

i need a holiday. i want to go to bangkok (haha bangkok) but the city is rife with political trouble and constant bombing. perhaps another part of thailand that is not phuket or koh samui. i like chiang mai; people are less aggressive there. i shall go hem and haw over this in the gym.

welcome to the real world. think of money and who is going to make the most. the one who has the most, wins. start making investments, she said. have you ever earned a cent in your life? so and so is making this much cash working at that investment bank; i can get you a job there no problem. wait, you want to go to graduate school? really? what are you going to do with the rest of your life? these are but a few curious questions i’ve received upon reaching home soil. and who can blame them. just last year i interned at an investment bank, wanting to know what was so awesome about learning where your money goes, what people are doing with it, etc. i didn’t like it. i haven’t the slightest inkling about finances and i’m not sure if i want to know more.

you don’t have to love your job to be good at it, so people tell me, but if you do, you’re limitless in your capacity to push unseen boundaries. i realized this too. though i knew nothing, my boss appreciated me and said he would gladly recommend me to other firms if i wanted to. i was keen and thankful. however,  i realized some seven months later that i am greedy, yes i am. i want to have the bloody cake and eat it. i want to love my job and be the damned fucking best i can be and still earn a decent living. i fit like a true square peg in a round hole, and i am not sure if i want to become a round peg if it means compromising my edge.

despite my constant gripes about going into bioengineering and the general turtle paced nature of scientific research, i find comfort and warmth in the cold harsh light of the lab, the slightly metallic smell in the air, the ability to tune out the world by leafing through the most difficult journals in the world. and this, i think, is what i appreciate the most about being a  “scientist”: you can be weird and awkward as all hell and nobody is going to speak ill of you; i never cared much for mumbling less or giving hugs.

who knows, really. this bright eyed glassy phase might be cut short by the sharp reality that i’m not smart enough to go to a good graduate school. welcome to the real world.