the road to medical school

i can’t study in this horrible mind sucking heat. i keep falling asleep or i end up putting on episodes of The Big Bang Theory to motivate me to be clever and scientific, but in reality it proves to be more of a laugh out loud distraction than anything. and i refuse to turn on the a/c because after having been in California and having done Californian things like recycling and conserving energy and saving the whales and dolphins, i like to think of myself as a semi environmentally friendly person (except for the meat eating part). hm. well, i’m finally getting out of the house in precisely 5 minutes. mm, fresh air.

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  1. whhaaaatttt??? are you headed to med school next?? 😛 haha if my words are worth anything, let me tell you this: IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO TURN BACK!!

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