mini proenza schouler

source: Google Images

in lieu of not being able to afford a PS1 bag myself (ever), i received a very functional wallet (in good ol’ black) instead from R (thank you!!! colon capital D) for my 22nd. i wish the above six colours were still available, but i believe they were gone the minute they were released back in December ’09. still available are black, smoke, red and a funny shade of violet on the website. compared to all the other metallic pink and polka dotted and screen printed wallets i have, this one really does not scar in the face of keys, metal water bottles and razor edged textbooks. like my grandfather and any other aging lady, i greatly appreciate utilitarianism.

  1. Woo nice!! And happy belated birthday! I had no idea! D:

    • Annabel said:

      thanks 😀 lol it’s ok!!

  2. jas said:

    I LOVE THE BLUE!! and I also very very much love the Proenza bags

    • Annabel said:

      YA shame they don’t do all these funky colours anymore. i wish i had a spare $1595 lying around to buy one of those bad boys. so ex 😦

  3. Hal said:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting the blog. I am willing to sell the red satin CdG bag … it pains me to sell this but since we’re having a baby any day now, every little bit helps! You can email me at for more info. Thanks for your interest! xo

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