you and i will be young forever

every birthday i usually take time out to reflect what i’ve done in the previous year. so, this year i’ve finished my final year in college – abroad! cool. bigger than that, i’ve realized that the older i get, the better i get at compartmentalizing emotions. a disposable jewelry box for every little gewgaw of thought, if you will. i try to not to take people so seriously because life is too short. besides, emotions – both good and bad – are probably, at best, patterns formed and stored in the amygdala. and while i probably appear to the public like an apathetic cold hearted no nonsense person of sorts with fluctuating manic episodes of happiness and equally manic episodes of anger, i like to think that it’s all part of the growing up process. if you take me too seriously, then maybe it’s time you remove that stick from your bum. i usually joke without smiling; i have unbecoming cheeks.

i spent my 22nd birthday eating sushi and thai food with my family and studying in between. it was probably one of the more productive birthdays i’ve had. boring? maybe, but i’ve all but given up alcohol and partying. not because i have moral high ground or have become a fanatical fundamentalist (far from it), but simply because my body was never built to handle it. i just end up sick immediately, anyway. 22 is the new 30, didn’t you hear?

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  1. stylestalker said:

    Katy Perry is such a babe!

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