outfit: of an asian hipster wannabe

here’s an outfit shot i took while i was in SF. excuse the strange phace.

cardi: Topshop; top: UCSD rummage sale; skirt: vintage Comme des Garcons; boots: LF stores; tote: H&M

although i have posted a variation of this picture before, i didn’t really tell the story of how i’m kind of proud of how i acquired this skirt. i went through a lot of emails to get it from a very nice lady from eBay; i felt so excited when i got it in the mail. the original price of it was $895, but i got it for way, wayyyyy less in the double digits because i think it’s, like, third hand but it’s authentic. also, the tote was an impulse buy that very day because my $10 eBay backpack tore at the seams. nevereverbuyingcheapbackpacksagain

denise tagged me to do a little survey from sportsgirl. how i love getting tagged. haha.

How would you describe style in your city?
I live in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so it really depends where you go. Certain areas (like where I live) equate the concept of dressing up to putting on a pair of pants. or shorts. The more urban areas, however, are pretty on trend: flowery short dresses, pretty sandals, skirts. It’s almost beach-y, if you ask me. Not very many people wear 5 inch heels around town (except at night, of course).

Describe your personal style
Easy bordering lazy, pseudo-hipster, slightly Hot Topic gothic (the teenage angst never went away). I also like black wedges. Too much.
Post a picture that sums up the place you live to you

If KL were a song, what would it be?
I imagine something like a cross between Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ and the deep dark undertones of Metallica’s ‘Sad but True’
The best thing about living where I live is…
Refer to previous picture.

What 3 pieces would all KL girls have in their closet?
– Shorts
– Flip flops
– a favourite t-shirt they will always wear

What is your favourite piece from the latest collections at Sportsgirl ?
the cross my heart shorts!! so cute with a large oversized top.

Tag three of your fave bloggers & send them the tag and questions.
Lynnette, Zara and Shini :))

  1. jasna said:

    Love your mox of stripes and your boots : )

  2. Ohmygosh when I first saw the skirt the first words that came to my mind were “KEWLZ” and “so JAPANESE! :D” and then I saw the label — CDG. What a great find and they really DO look very Japanese grunge/hippy style. Especially with those boots and the really cute hoop earrings! πŸ™‚ You make me feel like going to get my ears pierced.

    Awww thanks for the tag! πŸ˜€ Hehe I shall work on that on my next post!

    How’s preparations for your MCAT coming along??? when are you taking the test anyway???

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