absence makes the heart grow fonder – until you totally forget about that said person.

but. i’m still here. it’s been a busy couple of weeks. i am alive and slightly bloated. i had a mild heatstroke a couple of days ago because of the weather. i exaggerate, but it certainly felt like a heatstroke to me: my cheeks were on fire, i started shoving R around (i guess that’s not due to the heatstroke) and i was dying of thirst. but today, it rained and i was very glad. kind of excited to hang up this blue Atlas tapestry/bed spread type thing over my bed. it is a brief reminder of how small we are compared to the earth, the Milky Way and the universe.

recently, i learned that i will not be content by sitting in front of a computer everyday contributing to corporate conglomerates. i am looking for something to do, something that will hopefully shape the rest of my life in the coming months. i hope that i get this opportunity to travel once more, and that i will put my education to some use and improve the lives of others in need. exciting times ahead. stay tuned.

in the meantime, here’s what i look like most days (read: severe allergies)

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  1. Fiza-K said:

    Bells!!!! Missed your blog 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been updating darling… But I’ll do that more often okay?? Promise..

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