sanrio x dr martens

the inner child in me wrestled with the minimalistic adult that i am for a good three nights debating over this highly, um, esoteric shoe.



  1. DUDE did you BUY that??? I was looking at those the other week wondering what jap/punk wannabe would actually buy hello kitty dr martens. WHY BEL WHY.

    i bet you’re gonna be really annoying and manage to get away with wearing them too! 😛

    • Annabel said:

      i don’t know whether to hang my head in shame or hold my head up high. hence why i took longer than usual to decide whether to buy it or not lol. BUT YES I DID BUY IT to answer your question 😛 hehe. we’ll see how it looks!! >_<

      • Did you buy it on the cheap or at full price? I only know these exist because I too purchased some dr martens, but wimped out on being hardcore and bought a very girly coral pair at spitalfields at half price.

    • Annabel said:

      oh haha i think i know which pair you’re talking about! are they cloth??

      i bought got these at full price because these are limited eds. my first pair were from ebay and i got them for only 20 pounds, so i thought….ok fine let’s give in to the kawaii-ness.. zz. these pink and black ones aren’t half as bad as the red, white and blue ones or the super sanrio print with hello kitty AND FRIENDS all over haha. that sold out a long time ago so i had no chance hahah.

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