have the cake and eat it

i can’t help but share these amazing plates that i came across at Kingdom of Style. buy them at James’ Etsy shop. i mean, who doesn’t want a plate with a Mexican wrestling bear on it? or, more importantly, a badger eating cake in his underwear…?

i’d hate to think what my future house would look like: an esoteric revolting amalgamation of all things shiny, kitschy and downright strange. having gone through all my drawers this weekend to sift out unwanted yesteryear crap, it’s safe to say that i think people thought that i would appreciate:

1)  bells (whether this is a joke or not i don’t remember) but yeah i have an abnormal number of bells. the ding ding ding kind.
2) diaries. i have at least a few hundred empty pages waiting to be scrawled on.
3) wooden carvings of an assortment of animals
4) very shiny jewelry

don’t get me wrong; i am grateful these people remembered my birthdays over the years (though mine always is during the summer which means everyone was never around to attend my nonexistent birthday parties). and they weren’t wrong either in buying me shiny, noisy paraphernalia…i’ve just accumulated a lot of this. and i’d feel bad for throwing out stuff people gave me because that would just be rude. after all, it’s the fleeting thought and subsequent guilt that drove your friend to buying a small gift for you that counts. these days, guilt is kind of equivalent to generosity.

after browsing through dishes, i feel like i could go for some generic cheesecake right now. like from Secret Recipe or The Cheesecake Factory or something. i’m easily satisfied.


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