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one day, i aspire to be like one of these polished looking women. just because i can NEVER EVER pull off any sort of polished, sophisticated ensemble, complete with perfectly coiffed hair. corporate world, what?

images from Stockholm Street Style and Fashionising

but in reality, why would i? not when i could easily aspire to be like the one and only CATHERINE BABA.

images from Mr Newton, Jak & Jil and Citizen Couture

i blame her for my recent acquisition of several turbans. naturally, my indian boyfriend laughed at this, but i care not.

and yeah, i think it’s true that ladies ride bicycles in Paris in heels all the time. i saw it with my very own eyes, but i don’t think it was the lovely Ms. Baba i saw. shame. i got so excited for nothing.

looking at all these bicycle pictures bring back fond but painful memories of falling off my bike so many times, flat onto my already pancaked face – when i was wearing sneakers and a helmet, no less. how, Ms. Baba, HOW?


in short: unemployment, coupled with a wardrobe your mother disapproves of, really sucks. i need to figure this one out. however, a permanent job is out of the question – for now.

so, i figured that i don’t really need half of my (sky high) shoes and pretty flats anymore. a lot of them will be up for sale soon, at a reasonable price.

to test the waters, out of interest, would anyone actually be interested in, say, pink Topshop brogues in a UK 6/ EU 39/ US 8.5, as shown below? i ship from Malaysia, so if you live overseas, shipping will be a little higher.

these shoes are currently in a warehouse in Port Klang (along with, like, everything else I own) because they were shipped back from San Diego, but i should be getting them soon. in any case, this is an unofficial advert. i just want to ask: WOULD anyone actually buy pre-loved things that are in great condition in malaysia/singapore? Hello? Talk to meee.

i will be putting other things up for sale VERY SOON. here are a few things – of many – that will soon go up for sale:

– a Miss Sixty jacket
– T by Alexander Wang sleeveless
– American Apparel U neck dresses (As much as I love American Apparel, I cannot justify needing 5 dresses in the same style)
– Topshop everything
– ASOS skirts
Nasty Gal sunglasses
– DKNY canvas bag
– Lulu Guinness Union Jack bag

i previously fluctuated between UK10/12, but am now a solid 10. if you’re in that range, then you’re in luck! i think my friend Yoke Jia might do the same. she has beautiful drapey dresses (think: BCBG, Topshop, Marc Bouwer) that will go up for sale. she is a UK6/US2 and has excellent taste in clothing, much less questionable than mine. we spent the better part of our college careers combing through Selfridges sales, eBay and vintage markets instead of studying. yeah, we bonded that way. so, our loss, your big gain! 🙂


i believe i got him as a Christmas gift 8 years ago when Chamber of Secrets (the movie) came out. doesn’t he look so YOUNG even on plastic?! i had friends who made fun of my nerd-dom then. i still do. Ron is the only Harry Potter character i have (i am not a Harry fan); the rest are all Lord of the Rings. so, if anyone would like to gift me the entire set of figurines as a side collection to my Lord of the Rings collection this Christmas, i will be a very happy camper. please click here. this is much cheaper than having to buy Miu Miu for Christmas 🙂

however, i am missing Samwise and Merry from my collection of hobbits, so click here for that.

i can’t get over how i opened them all though. how little i knew then about the value of action figures. baah.

also – Happy Thanksgiving!

YSL Arty Ring in Turquoise

i wish my knobby right hand looked more like my more elongated left. the left looks as though it belongs to another person, a sophisticated charming woman of the world who spends her time weaving complex poetry at her wooden desk late into the night, a woman who isn’t afraid of who she is, a woman whose fear and bubbling spirit know no limits; not the dumpy maladroit and slightly odd metalhead that the right represents.

if no two parts of our bodies are the same, what are the odds of finding someone completely like ourselves?

this image was taken by my sister on my Nikon D40 on a basic 18-55mm. it was taken during tea time, when the light was neither too heavy nor too dark. it is unedited, just like how the most beautiful things in life should be: alive and natural.

Emma Watson for Vogue UK December 2010

Photographed by Mario Testino

sometimes, it takes balls to be beautiful. i’ve always liked looking at her face, ever since Goblet of Fire when she walked down the stairs in her pink dress for the Yule Ball. i like emma because she isn’t afraid to be herself,  just like hermione.

i admire women who have the balls to chop all their hair off. when i was younger, i thought longer was better. mostly because i was never allowed long hair in my childhood. my japanese hairdresser in london was right: as you grow up, you just wanna chop all your hair off because you have nothing to hide anymore. you just want to say, “hello, world. this is me that you’re looking at – not my hair, not my ass, not my chest”. i’m just waiting for the right time and the right hairdresser to come my way.

i think i have a bigger girlcrush on her now than i ever had on rupert (he has an ice-cream truck, btw). aw, hell, i love them both. i just don’t fancy daniel radcliffe. talk about premature aging.

p.s. i am still every bit the harry potter nerd i used to be. although in my world, hobbits >>> wizards.

p.p.s. i also have tickets for the movie on friday! oh, to be 12 again every year!