frivolous footwear

i’ve been focusing way too much on life thoughts and life tasks at the moment. i am. so. tired. let’s talk about shoes and shopping and girly shiz for a minute.

i can’t believe i went to london without buying a single pair of shoes. so pleased with myself. i bet my mother is even more pleased. well, not really; she got me a super lusted after graduation gift (!) but we’ll talk about that another day.  i devoted 1.5 days to shopping and was surprised i bought quality stuff because i hardly buy anything that’s not off the internet. the internet is like a giant mall with even crazier people walking around. instead of traipsing through the rain and mud for an article of clothing, you have to battle instead the 674 crazed ladies who want the exact same thing as you. especially on Gilt or ebay. ugh. the number of times  i answer “ebay” or “” or “through some random girl selling unwanted things on her blog” is sort of disconcerting. i guess this is a telltale sign that i should definitely get out more. yeah, right.

so, Selfridges has an all new shoe gallery on their second floor. it was there that i saw these Acne Admire wedges – in my size, no less. i even tried them on. but they were a wee bit tight. i would have gotten them in a heartbeat if i had a spare £440 lying around. they do look like very expensive olive green dustbin liners tied with raffia string but that is precisely what i like about its aesthetic. these and the Atacomas will always continue to elude me.

i then forayed into the more affordable Topshop shoe section on the 2nd floor. i tried on this pair of Charles Anastase/Jessica Simpson look-a-likes from their Premium collection. they actually look pretty cool with socks, but i figured they were far too uncomfortable to be walking around in all day. although the manager of the shoe section was nicely walking around in them. KUDOS, lady.

i was also particularly attracted to the weird heel of this All Saints pump that i saw a salesgirl wearing.

but they were uncomfortable as all hell.

the following margiela inspired pair was much, much more comfortable, but like the original margiela shoe, the ankle part looked a bit strange. i suspect this is because i have short legs. boo.


in any case, i’m running out of space on my Billy bookcase turned shoe shelf. this is just the bottom half of it. and my boxes containing at least 5 more pairs from the US haven’t arrived yet. #dumbproblems

  1. d said:

    KWAH KWAH KWAH your shoe shelf is NIZZZEEEE.
    are the first ones marni??? hmmm and dyinggg for thsoe wisteria topshop wedgies ):

  2. Oh come on! Pics of your ENTIRE shoe shelf please! =P & aww, you make me wish I could wear anything with a heel at all. ;_;

    • Annabel said:

      im working on the rest of it LOL. GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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