my friend and i were chatting about the severe lack of positivity in our lives. we are both slightly strange people in different ways with slightly stranger-than-usual attitudes to life. so, at precisely 3.30AM just now mid-conversation, i decided that although i think a positive attitude is, quite frankly, boring and that being a cynic is so much more fun, sarcasm, cynicism and full on negativity aren’t particularly helpful in this precarious stage of a twentysomething’s life where everything just seems so very hazy. it’s just like being 13 again, for crying out loud. it’s absolutely ridiculous. the past 3 days have been nothing short of a psychological nightmare.

so, i remembered one very pertinent blog that makes me smile every time i read it – Three Beautiful Things. it is about “[wanting] to record three things that have given me pleasure”. it is a great, great idea and i believe that it will do wonders for the human spirit if we, instead of focusing on what we do not have all the bloody time (oh fashion..), focus on what we have and work from there. if anything, i will, too, start my own 3bt today.

(i can’t help but wonder how much self-help authors make from what i just wrote in a short blog post)

  1. God, you know what, I’ve been feeling really negative about everything too. Is it because we’ve graduated and are all feeling a little confused?
    A friend of mine (who is now a 4th year at imperial) was sitting with me the other day, sighed and said, “I love my life.” I had to try very hard to cover up my disbelief and jealousy that she was able to make such a statement with such conviction.
    3bt sounds like something I definitely need right now.

    • Annabel said:

      i envy people who say that, too :-S we should all try 3bt yay. it’s so oprah-esque lol.

  2. Ooh, I think this is a fantastic idea! I gotta start this! Might make a tumblr for it. =)

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