lanvin x H&M

i don’t care if you call this collection overhyped, mainstream and totally hoi polloi oriented – i love it. and i will see to it (somehow) that i get a shirt, the beautiful black tuxedo blazer and the purple one shoulder dress.

i don’t know what’s up with my style lately, but for lack of a better word, i think it’s maturing; i have stopped wearing micro mini denim skirts, Converses and tank tops. now, my version of the denim skirt-tank top-Converse is a very lazy, slovenly  ensemble of blackmilk tights and ratty metallica shirts. i mean. walking the line separating adulthood and teenage-dom is harder than you think.

anyway! here are my top picks from the collection. i am not a fan of the loud florals or the exceptionally bright colours you can see over at nitrolicious, though i do love the plastic red necklace. i would definitely, definitely buy the zebra print trench and the faux fur Chanel-esque jacket if the weather was a wee bit colder in this country.

images from nitrolicious

the collection is available November 20th in the US, November 23rd for the rest of the world. get ready! 🙂

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  1. teanoir said:

    Hey Bel! Thank you so much for dropping by my semi-dead blog, sorry I took so long to visit yours – deadlines were looming but they’re over now, thank god.

    I do not believe what everyone says about this collection: IT IS STUNNING AND IMMACULATE, even better than Elbaz’s collection this season to be honest. If everything goes as planned, I’ll be getting the yellow ruffles dress ;D

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