ronald weasley

i believe i got him as a Christmas gift 8 years ago when Chamber of Secrets (the movie) came out. doesn’t he look so YOUNG even on plastic?! i had friends who made fun of my nerd-dom then. i still do. Ron is the only Harry Potter character i have (i am not a Harry fan); the rest are all Lord of the Rings. so, if anyone would like to gift me the entire set of figurines as a side collection to my Lord of the Rings collection this Christmas, i will be a very happy camper. please click here. this is much cheaper than having to buy Miu Miu for Christmas 🙂

however, i am missing Samwise and Merry from my collection of hobbits, so click here for that.

i can’t get over how i opened them all though. how little i knew then about the value of action figures. baah.

also – Happy Thanksgiving!


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