baba not gaga

one day, i aspire to be like one of these polished looking women. just because i can NEVER EVER pull off any sort of polished, sophisticated ensemble, complete with perfectly coiffed hair. corporate world, what?

images from Stockholm Street Style and Fashionising

but in reality, why would i? not when i could easily aspire to be like the one and only CATHERINE BABA.

images from Mr Newton, Jak & Jil and Citizen Couture

i blame her for my recent acquisition of several turbans. naturally, my indian boyfriend laughed at this, but i care not.

and yeah, i think it’s true that ladies ride bicycles in Paris in heels all the time. i saw it with my very own eyes, but i don’t think it was the lovely Ms. Baba i saw. shame. i got so excited for nothing.

looking at all these bicycle pictures bring back fond but painful memories of falling off my bike so many times, flat onto my already pancaked face – when i was wearing sneakers and a helmet, no less. how, Ms. Baba, HOW?

1 comment
  1. zarna said:

    they all look so amazing! so perfect and chic!

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