Scarf by Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop

i decided to give myself some LOL time out and try making a turBAND in the style of the ever funny lady, the Man Repeller. her blog is beyond awesome. i highly recommend it for some side splitting laughs when you’re down in the dumps. or any time, for that matter.

i wonder how many people would actually walk out of the house looking like this. i actually almost did but a) i had nowhere to go and b) my sister yelled at me and called me a “stupid looking idiot” before i decided i was going out. as the ever clever Man Repeller says, the turband is, indeed, the “ultimate sartorial cock block”. my indian boyfriend agrees.

  1. zarna said:

    your turband looks great!

  2. dd said:

    gosh i love the turban haaha but to me I think of it more as pinup girl bandana than actual indian-inspired turban. I’ve always wanted to walk out with it but I look stupid hahaha

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