of capes and sev snape

Seriously – this F/W 2010, the fashion people have DEFINITELY taken a leaf out of my second favouritest Harry Potter character, Severus Snape.


also, severus snape is not a bad man. i knew it all along, even when i was 13 and elaborating on his character in my very own fan fiction (COME ON WHO DIDN’T WRITE FAN FICTION IN THEIR TEENS?!). the poor man is just m!zzundahstood.

meanwhile, my collaborative pop-up secondhand store (what a handful of words for a simple concept) is coming super soon!! 😀

  1. teanoir said:

    Dude I was catching up on your previous posts and I. am. SO. JEALOUS of your YSL arty ring! It’s the colour I want too and I was going to get it when I flew back to sg but it’s sold out at the boutiques here, not cool .__.

    Anyway, I LOVE SNAPE! I had a serious crush on him when I was younger…and I still do. Isn’t there just something entrancing about the way his cape moves when he walks??

  2. Argh you have no idea how many people are donning camel capes in London it’s pissing me off!

    But I like the last cape 🙂

    AH OMG I saw HP7 on saturday and I could not believe how sad Dobby made me feel – I didn’t even flinch when I was reading the book! I had to go home and watch HP6 so I could laugh at Ron’s non-sickly-looking face to cheer me up. And agreed HP6 was so shite, the star of that movie was definitely Lavender Brown.

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