the unlikely metalhead

vintage pleated skirt
DIY metallica death magnetic shirt
cole haan flats

i wore this out to a very early brunch that qualified almost as breakfast yesterday.

i could wax lyrical about the night i acquired this t-shirt, but since pictures trump words on epic occasions such as these, let’s take a pictorial journey back to the 3rd of March 2009 at the London o2 arena.

james and rob

i took these pictures from the second row of the mosh pit with my now defunct point and shoot. sometimes it pays to be a short asian girl for easy manoeuvring.

guys always give me a weird but curious look when they ask me what sort of music i listen to. girls look baffled because they ask me and then they look at what i’m wearing and they go all googly-eyed on me. i had a dry music spell before i discovered metal bands from the 80s. i love discovering new old music. it’s always like, “HOW DID NO ONE EVER SPEAK OF THIS BEFORE?”. kind of like how nobody ever told me about the old Cher before her synth pop dolphin sounding days from the early 2000s. i am grateful for friends who are born in the wrong decade.

  1. sofi said:

    I love the brunch/breakfast outfit! Very cute skirt. Cool blog, I like how straight forward and simple it is!

  2. denise said:

    finally an outfit post!! Looking super fabbbbulous of course! I dunno why but I always thought you were quite short (in my head) but now that I know youre like a size 9, and judging from this picture, you look so tallll and slenderrrrr

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