chloe sevigny x opening ceremony

oh herro there huge clunky ginormous impractical wooden soled shoe (as seen on dingdongbel‘s banner in previous post..).

yeah, this is what i would do with a couple of extra g’s in my wallet, but money is a very vulgar subject and i shall not discuss it here. i will continue to look greedily at this shoe so that i will dream of it. subsequently, i will prance and frolick around in them like a non-angsty girl-child with strawberry blond hair who has no problem skipping on dewy grass in six inch heels.

sweet dreams xx

1 comment
  1. d said:

    omg kills me everytime i see these. DYING for the 2nd and 3rd one and the lace up boot and ok i just want all of them ):

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