H&M shirt
Barbara Hulanicki x Topshop scarf
Maison Martin Margiela clogs
OPI Matte Russian Navy
Mulberry bag

this is the most put together you will ever see me on a regular day: i am sauce-free, wearing a little make-up and an ironed shirt! whenever my grandpa sees me in this outfit, he always says, “oh you look so business-like”. sure, thanks, grandpa. i think it’s way more mommapalooza (mom + lollapalooza = mom fest. get it?) than business-like.

the bag was my mom’s graduation gift to me. these shoes were a graduation gift to myself. a while ago, denise lai went to the lane crawford warehouse and snagged me these monster stomper shoes. aside from occasionally nearly twisting my ankle and having ball-less men and women who tramp around in their flip flops laugh at me while i compose myself, they are super comfortable.

so, have you bought anything recently? —>

1 comment
  1. lynnette said:

    I LOOOOOOVE THOSE SHOES!!! :)) how much were they in the end!! AHHHH… I DREAM of owning MMM stuff… let me know when the next warehouse sale is!! and which website do you check anyway??

    kinda dreaming of a nice chilled Horchata now haha

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