rain, driving around and christmas is around the corner

1. the sky looked particularly pregnant with rain today, but soon the wind blew the clouds away and it only drizzled a little – where i live, at least. this put me in the mood for Wuthering Heights.

2. i drove my sister and her visiting friend to the shops today. i did not buy anything, because i am, again, in the red after a weekend of online shopping. well, i picked up a couple of minimalistic grown-up looking dresses at uniqlo yesterday just because they were RM50 a pop. i think it was also to get into the spirit of shopping with the masses instead of at home alone on my computer. hah.

3. the city is abuzz with christmas cheer this year, more so than i can remember in the past few christmases that i’ve been home. kuala lumpurians are taking to the malls, five children in tow and all, shopping for christmas gifts – or maybe just general milling around the mall, since there isn’t much else to do in this city i call home. life in KL is a relentless cycle of eat, shop, eat, shop. not that i hear many people complaining.

“i want harry potter, mom, i want ALL OF THEM!! LOOK, MOM, LOOK!” screamed a wayward child, slamming his little fingers against the casing of the harry potter LEGO display that i was quite taken with. i thought the attention to detail was really quite exquisite; they even included a turkey on the table of the Great Hall. if only i could so openly and loudly proclaim my deepest christmas wishes to my mother without getting yelled at.

“okay, okay, later la,” the mother said impatiently. the boy then bounded off to the next display and yelled slightly too enthusiastically about how cool everything looked.

it is, indeed, the time of the year when i can overlook even the most obnoxious and whiny of children. ho ho ho!

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  1. Ditchette said:

    love this blog, just came across it and i love everything about it!!


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